Coming soon to the historic 311 Building in Downtown Lima!

311 E. Market Street, Ste. 107, Lima, Ohio 45801

Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe

Promoting Global Engagement, One Cup at a Time!


A relaxed, urban, industrial space with delicious, in-house roasted coffees, & an appreciation for the global coffee community!

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Feel Our Vibe

Enjoy the Place, the Space, the Taste!


Vibe Coffeehouse & Café wishes to be the community’s chosen place for enjoying the taste and smell of a delicious, locally roasted coffee or espresso-based drink while relaxing, socializing, or working in a unique and comfortable space. In addition to our high-quality, locally roasted coffees, you will also enjoy our 2,600 square foot, renovated warehouse space with a vibe that we call "Relaxed, Urban, Industrial", which will inspire, relax, and make you feel right at home. We also help educate our community about the rest of the world, promoting international understanding and education, through the global love of coffee and the people and places from which it comes!

With exposed brick walls, high ceilings with exposed duct work, shining concrete floors, and, large glass-front overhead dock doors, our coffeehouse is an open, relaxing, and vibrant space with plenty of room to “stretch out”, enjoy a wonderful beverage and a great, inviting atmosphere. alone or with family and friends. The Vibe décor also includes “conversation pieces” such as coffee antiques; unique tables and other furnishings; records (yes, records!); and maps, photos, and art from coffee producing countries and regions around the world. Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe is a place with a "big town look and feel" in the up and coming, vibrant downtown area of a small Ohio town!    

Home Grown - Lima, Ohio USA


Vibe Coffeehouse & Café was started by two "local boys" hoping to contribute to the revitalization of Downtown Lima, and at the same time, provide the community with a cool and comfortable space to come to relax, socialize, or work, over a delicious, locally roasted coffee or espresso-based drink. Most of our coffee and espresso-based drinks will be made from locally roasted beans; many of which will be roasted in-house.

Where the Community Meets the World!


While you are in our coffeehouse enjoying our vibe and a delicious cup of locally roasted coffee or espresso-based drink, you will also be exposed to the rest of the world and its people, who are part of the global coffee industry (and industry worth over $100 billion). We will focus on serving African origin coffees; but, will also have coffees that originate from other world regions. Through photos, artwork, foods, games, music, and other things that highlight the people, places, and cultures from which our coffee originates. This will help you gain valuable exposure to the rest of the world, and an appreciation for the many world countries, cultures, and people who are part of the world of coffee.    

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Vibe Coffeehouse & Cafe

311 E. Market Street, Ste 107, Lima, Ohio 45801


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